Cityinn Ximending



City Inn Plus Hotel leaves a mark for some of the best recommended accomodations in Taipei. So if you’re planning to visit Taipei, there are many reasons why you should consider City Inn Plus in Ximending. For starters, it is just a few minutes away from the Station 3 exit of Ximen Station of the hip and busy Ximending district. Perhaps this is not yet a promising reason but it assures you of the convenience of getting around quickly and easily with some burden taken off. The exterior appearance of the hotel seem bland and uninteresting. However, this could just be a prank as guests will be in for a huge surprise right after. As you walk into City Inn Plus Hotel, you will be greeted by a cheery and bright artwork of the interior of the hotel that will lift your senses and energize any dreary and weary parts of you after a long flight. There is a huge black horse statue which serves as a lamp and a cute shelf showcasing souvenir items that echoes the art that is evident throughout the building.



The little souvenirs not only look pretty but they are functional too which makes it worthwhile buying for friends or family as it can serve for more than the purpose of looking cute. The lobby has large murals that make the hotel look a bit like a modern fairytale museum. The art and design in the hotel is some what childish and story-book like so children or adult alike will have some appreciation and fancy for it. Although the rooms are rather small, it is immaculately clean, comfortable and creatively designed to the space it allows. For example, there is no closet but a couple of hangers are provided which hangs from the wall. It comes with a mini fridge, free mineral water and free munchies (Doritos and veggie chips) on the top drawer. If that’s not enough, sandwiches from the cafe nearby can be sent up your room with just a call away.


Despite having a family mart just next to the hotel, there is a Self Service Kitchen on the basement floor where free endless refills to your tea, coffee, juice, hot chocolate station and even popcorn is available that is open 24 hours. Two desktop PCs are provided for free internet browsing and up to 3 pieces of print is allowed without any cost. The hotel readily has laundry machines along with soap for free if guests are in need of fresh and clean clothes. Staying in City Inn Plus will ensure packing your luggage goes significantly lighter because bringing along your toiletry bag will not be necessary. The hotel provides complete bathroom amenities and tools including sanintary pads for emergency. Inside the shower, there is shampoo and soap dispensers and a hair dryer.

If there was anything missing or lacking in this hotel, it is neatly compensated with their excellent and professional yet humbling service to it’s guests. The hotel is known for their friendly service and surprising acts such as keeping a bottle of wine if there were guests on their honeymoon trip or coming up with party hats, birthday cards and a small cake if they knew you were turning a year older at their hotel. Any dissatisfaction or trouble will be immediately sorted out by their outstanding service team. If there was some local festival, guests were asked to join in their mini barbecue event as well. The front desk stuff are known to be helpful, warm and always willing to lend a hand. In short, it is a magical, comfortable and impressive boutique hotel with 5-star service that will probably make one’s trip in Taipei quite memorable.