Just Sleep Ximending


Just Sleep Ximending Hotel is strategically located closely to the Ximending MRT Station which is only a 3 to 5 minute walk via Exit 6 and is one stop away from the Taipei Main Station. The hotel happens to be right next to a 7-11 store and has a covered link of about 2 minute walk from the station to the hotel entrance which is nice on a rainy or extremely sunny day. The hotel has 9 floors in total but other offices occupies some of the floors as well. The hotel takes the 1st and 5th to 9th floors of the building. For guests arriving in Taiwan before the check-in time, the hotel allows guests to freshen up at the restrooms at Just Cafe which is located on the 5th floor. The cafe is relatively big, with lots of white tables and chairs and serves breakfast in the morning. It also provides free internet machines to use which is a semi looking office area comfortable for browsing the Internet for a few hours and more.


The rooms in Just Sleep are clean, immaculate, modern and new. You wouldn’t scream for space but neither would you be able to do cartwheels in the room. However, the design of the rooms are cleverly thought out that the cups, bottles and tissue holders are placed into molded slots on custom made designed walls. An electric kettle and a Plasma TV on the wall comes along with the room. To much surprise, the bathroom in the room is spacious for the size of the room. It has a large mirror that is horizontically wide enough to see yourself running from the start to the end of the bathroom. If you are used to brining your own toiletries, you may drop the idea this time as the hotel provides tooth brush, facial cotton, as well as shower gel and shampoo dispenser that is mounted on the wall.


If you run out of fresh clothes, the hotel offers your own DIY laundry space on the 6th floor where you can utilize their washing machines, laundry baskets and soap. The rooms in Just Sleep are designed differently to many of the other hotels in Taiwan which is not a bad thing as it is quite cool and special in its own way. The spaces is utilized rather creatively. For example, the twin rooms has it’s head facing in different directions and has a comfortable sofa placed in between the two beds. There are also chairs and desks. The staff are friendly and is recognized for it’s pleasant service. Plug adapters can be obtained at the reception area which is on the 1st floor if needed. There are also rooms where there is a single bed next to a double bed – so traveling in three is ideal in Just Sleep.


The double bed is pretty large and is more than enough to fit 3 small persons or two really large sized people. There are vending machines located on each floor so an empty stomache will not be tough to beat. Otherwise, the hotel provides a service where delivery from some local specialties or pastry shop can be made right to your door step for a small fee through placing an order if you want to try exotic snacks. There is a pricelist for some of the more famous pastry shops so that you know what it will cost you.


Shopping heavy or light duty is not a far walk from the hotel especially if you are an photography avid. There is the Camera Street which is just located a turn from the right and a straight walk as you leave the hotel entrance. There are camera shops of every brand name you can think of. Further up in walking distance is the Taipei Main Station. For ladies, Mirada is a double storey cosmetic shop with juicy and reasonable prices. From the hotel, Ximending shopping street is only a cross from the road, a left turn and straight up.
Just Sleep is an affordable accomodation without giving up on comfort and style and is suitable for backpackers, families or any traveler looking for a room of modern décor, free Wifi and comfort at valuable prices.