What to eat at Ximen Night Market ?

Xi Men Ding is sometimes referred to as Taiwan’s edition of Harajuku/Shibuya and it does not disappoint in manifesting the same glowing neon lights and ads, and lots of people in the shops, restaurants and cafeterias.  Xi Men Ding night market is a widely known for its food in Taipei.

In Xi Men Ding night market, there are lots of things to behold ranging from the culture filled shopping area that sets the area apart in Taipei to trendy clothes, shoes, and food. Lest I forget, Xi Men Ding night market is also a platform for young and old musicians and artists to showcase their talent. Approaching from the MRT station various bands can be seen playing across the street dishing out good tunes. It is one of the must visits night markets if you happen to be in Taipei. The Taiwanese government has also closed quite a huge portion of the street from cars to allow diners and shoppers to walk around safely without having the fear and worry of getting knocked down by a car.

You might be thinking of what to eat when you visit Xi Men Ding night market or when next you go in case you’ve been there but missed out on so many tasty food and snacks, let me share with you some recommendations.

Hot Star Chicken Taiwan

If you are a fan of chicken, Hot Star Chicken Taiwan is popular for their extra-large fried chicken. Piping hot, juicy, tender and flavourful with salt and pepper seasoning. The chicken cutlet is really enormous and it is said to be almost the size of a person’s face. Expect to queue for quite a while to buy your chicken. The chicken costs New Taiwan Dollars $55 per piece.

Cheese Baked Potato

A lot of people will queue to get this baked potato with corn slices and smoked beef toppings with numerous cheese sauces on top. If you have tasted this cheese baked potato, you will always come back for more. There are also many different fillings to choose from. It is really delicious and you have to eat it when it is hot. The corn and cheese baked potato costs New Taiwan Dollars $65.

Chilli BBQ Pork Sausage

There are 3 different spiciness levels to choose from; not spicy, less spicy and more spicy. The sausages are grilled to perfection and they taste juicy, sweet and savoury. It is one of the items that you must try. It costs New Taiwan Dollars $100 for 3 pieces of sausages.

Popiah Ice Cream

Popiah Ice Cream is not something common and it is really unique. In order to make this unique snack, the ice cream and caramelized peanut butter block is rolled with popiah skin. It is a really good snack and you must try it.