Getting to Ximending

If Ximending is the first destination you want to visit after you have landed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, there are several ways for you to get there from the airport.


The first way is by using a taking a bus. Kuo Kang Bus on route number 1819 departs from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and arrives at Taipei Main Station East Gate exit 3. This bus will depart from the airport every 10 to 15 minutes. According to Kuo Kang Bus company official website, the last bus will depart at 12:30AM. However, there are some additional bus departures at 1AM, 1.30AM and also 2.30AM. In addition, from 1st of November 2014 onwards, they have added even more additional bus departures at 3.30AM and 4.30AM from Terminal 1. The bus that departs from Terminal 2 is 10 minutes earlier at 3.20AM and 4.20AM. The first bus of the day departs at 5.40AM. The adult bus fare is New Taiwan Dollar 125 for one way trip and New Taiwan Dollar 230 for a return trip.  For those of you that will arrive in Taiwan after midnight, there are ticket dispensers inside the airport where you can purchase your bus tickets as the bus ticketing counters will be closed during then.

Another bus that goes to Ximending is the Freego Bus. You can purchase your bus ticket at the Freego Bus ticketing counter located inside Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The adult bus fare is New Taiwan Dollar 140 for one way trip and New Taiwan Dollar 260 for a return trip. The estimated travelling time is approximately 50 minutes. This bus will also stop at the Taipei Main Station. There is also another bus route by Freego Number 5502 that starts from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and then to Xinxi Village before making its way to more destinations and ultimately ending up at Songshan Airport. Passengers that are going to Ximending will stop near a temple at Xinxi Village and then board a small coach to Ximending. This small coach will then travel along HanZhong Street and it will stop at Rainbow Hotel in Ximending.

Other bus companies like United Bus and THSR that also departs from Taoyuan Taipei International Airport to Taipei Main Station. The adult bus fare approximately costs New Taiwan Dollar 30 and the travelling time is approximately 15 to 20 minutes.



From the Taipei Main Station, you can then take a short ride by taxi to Ximending. The estimated fare for the taxi ride approximately starts from New Taiwan Dollar 90 to New Taiwan Dollar 100. It is also said that the fare of a MPV taxi will cost you even more. Alternatively, you can also board a MRT train from Taipei Main Station to Ximen Station which is situated only one station away. The fare for the MRT is New Taiwan Dollar 20 and the travelling time is approximately only 3 minutes. Please be noted that the MRT operating hours are from 6AM to 12AM midnight. If you happen to arrive in Taiwan past midnight, your only choice is to use a taxi.



Airport Taxi

The second option is to get an airport taxi to Ximending. This is a much more expensive option but it is more convenient if you have the budget for it. Airport taxis are generally more expensive because they charge according to the meter and on top of that, there is also an additional 50% surcharge. This surcharge is not inclusive of highway tolls. So, it will rack up the price of your fare even higher. It is estimated that a typical airport taxi ride from Taoyuan Taiwan International Airport to Taipei City will cost you approximately New Taiwan Dollar 1200 excluding the highway tolls. However, if you happen to be travelling with 4 people or more and carrying a lot of luggage, it is advised for you to use a taxi as it is more economical.

Lastly, if you happen to be staying in one the hotels located in Ximending, you can also check with your hotel first to see if they can arrange a shuttle service or arrange a taxi from Taoyuan Taiwan International Airport to the hotel for you prior to your arrival. This option may come with additional charges, though.