Muzik Hotel Ximending



Do take note there are 2 branches of Muzik hotel in Ximending.

If you are planning a trip to Taipei, Muzik Hotel Taipei makes one of an excellent choice for a stay in such a city. It can be reached through Kuo Kang bus from Taoyong Airport to Taipei Main station and then a metro to Ximen Station. The hotel is on Zhonghua Road about 5 minnues walk from a left turn on Exit 6 to Chengdu Road. It is on the 6th floor inside an old commercial building. The location of Muzik Hotel is central to some of the busiest and liveliest parts of Taipei – close to the metro, shopping and eating districts as well as major entertainment spots. There are also fast food joints such as KFC and McDonalds for the kids if they fancy food they are strictly familiar with. The rooms are clean, trendy and modern with towels folded in swan or elephant shapes sitting on the bed ready to greet you.


The beds in the rooms are large for a double bed and can be mistaken as triple bed by glance. Some rooms come with windows and some without windows. They are very well maintained, cleaned and stylish in their décor in terms of colors, material and design. The bathrooms are very inviting with glass doors around the shower, big square basins, a bathtub and plenty of space to move about and spend lots of time inside with much comfort.


The room service in the hotel is impressive as rooms are cleaned every day and drinks and light snacks are replenished each time the rooms are cleaned. The hotel also provides free pick up service from the airport as well as to the airport. Some guests are given key-rings and coasters upon their arrival. The staff are pleasant and helpful – always courteous at any questions guests may have and very enthusiastic to give directions to places you may want to go. Fresh towels or toilet paper can be requested any time of the day without any hassle. The hotel has a free laundry room service for those who want to have clean clothes to wear again during their trip and keep their new shopping clothes for when they return home.


Muzik Hotel does not provide breakfast but there is an area specifically designated for helping yourselves with toast, instant coffee and tea. This hotel prides itself with great staff service that are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. So if getting about the city and knowing the ins and outs of how to go around things is vital, Muzik Hotel staff enjoy helping you out in those areas.