Ximen Wow Hostel


Wow Hostel Ximen in Taipei is a hip, chic and modern hostel located smack dab right in the middle of the heart of Taipei in the ever popular Ximending district. The hostel is easy to find and is in the middle of a market right next to a Etude House Shop and across a 7-11 store. Wow Hostel has a big sign which is hard to miss and is located on the 8th floor of a building where other karaoke joints for older folks take up the building’s occupancy below. The hostel certainly knew how to brand it’s name given the establishment has a banging wow factor in it’s presentation, appearance and style. The rooms, bathrooms and public spaces are sparklingly clean.


Most importantly, a mere footstep inside the hostel give guests the certainty that the interior design of the place has been so well thought out from the little things like mirrors, beds, lightings and design. Most of the hostel material is wood so it feels like you are not really in a city but rather in a modern cabin in the deep forest. It is pretty obvious that Wow Hostel puts comfort and beauty at their highest priority. This can be proven with their thick and warm blankets, universal plugs near pillows, sufficient toilets, clean lounges and even little curtains that you can draw at your bunk for that extra privacy while staying inside a dorm.


Each bed has a little bedside table and an electronic locker for your backpack or important documents which guests will highly appreciate. The nosie level is average and may vary though ear plugs are provided if guests are more prone to noise sensitivity. There are private bathrooms and showers equipped with hair dryer next to each sink. The privacy of the rooms are pretty tight as guests are presented with secured key-cards to enter the rooms. The hostel has a nice kitchen area with toaster, electric kettle, non-stick pan and microwave. Tea, coffee and breakfast are provided containing toast, eggs, butter and jam. There is also a shaded balcony area that provides a bird’s eye view of the bustling street life of the market and across. It’s a relaxing and chilled place to hang around if you’re tired of being stuck in the room or getting lost in the streets.


The reception staff are helpful, friendly and take their time to give guests an introduction and tour of the hostel and amenities. Wow Hostel promises a comfortable and memorable stay with great vibe for it’s fantastic value for money. It’s a hostel that guests readily return to for a second or third time and have no questions recommending it to friends.