Ximending Restaurants

Ximending is one of the most popular neighborhoods and shopping districts in Taipei, Taiwan. It is located in West Taipei and the area is popular among both locals and international tourists. Ximending is known as the Harajuku of Taipei and it has a dense collection of shopping malls, shops and cafes and restaurants. In this article, we will focus on the restaurants located in Ximending. Without further ado, check out the list of restaurants in Ximending below.

Qin Xiang Hot Pot

Qin Xiang Hot Pot is renowned for its Cantonese style hot pot. You are strongly recommended to try their beef, fried ribs and fish balls.

Onni Korean Cuisine

Onni Korean Cuisine is located close to the subway station and the location is easy to find. You will have to prepare the food by yourself but there is a chef to show you the proper way to prepare it. The environment of the restaurant is quiet and cosy. However, the portion may not be big enough so you might have to order the buffet set if you are a big eater.

Victoria Restaurant

Victoria Restaurant was recommended by the Taiwan TV Programme. They are famous for delicious and authentic Hong Kong food. Try out their luncheon meat sandwich, Chinese wine chicken with noodles and clay pot rice with Taiwanese sausage.


Mea-Cady has a clean and beautiful interior. It is a good place to relax as the environment is very calm and relaxing. The price of the drinks may be a little overpriced.

Yunnan Thai Style Southern Food

Yunnan Thai Style Southern Food is famous for their delicious and authentic Thai food. The owner is a friendly lady and the restaurant’s atmosphere is very lively. The food and beers are cheap too with most dishes costing around New Taiwan Dollars 100 to 150.

Hakkai Shabu Shabu

Hakkai Shabu Shabu is located inside Shinjuku plaza and it is famous for their hot pot. The prices are relatively inexpensive. It is an all you can eat buffet with a quality selection of seafood, meat, drinks and Haagen Dazs ice cream. There are also different types of soup base for you to choose from. The service is fast, efficient and polite.

Da Che Lun Japanese Restaurant

Da Che Lun Japanese Restaurant is known for its reasonable price and fresh ingredients. The staffs are also friendly, welcoming, attentive and courteous. Try out their pork katsu, fresh sashimi, ebi tempura, grilled mackerel and Hotate sushi.

Machi Doggie Fashion & Coffee

Machi Doggie Fashion & Coffee is famous for its décor and great atmosphere. They serve delicious food and deserts. Their drinks are fresh and creative too.


Mala Yuanyang Hotpot

Mala Yuanyang Hotpot is another restaurant in Ximending that is famous for its hot pot. It is also an all you can eat buffet with a very good selection of fresh food, drinks and deserts. Free flow of Haagen Dazs and Movenpick ice creams are available too. The restaurant can be crowded during peak hours so remember to make a reservation in order to avoid waiting to be seated. Try out their Drunk Chicken Soup which is said to be better than their Mala soup.

Magic Curry

Magic Curry is famous for its own style of Japanese curry. The curry set meal comes with free flow of rice, salad, soup, desert and drinks. The food is delicious and the restaurant is popular among the young people due to its cheap and affordable prices. Each curry dish only costs around New Taiwan Dollar 200.

Wang Ji Fu Cheng Rou Zong(Xining)

Wang Ji Fu Cheng Rou Zong(Xining) is known for its home tasting dumplings and carrot cakes. Try out the pork meat rice dumpling and fish ball soup when you visit here.

Meiguanyuan Riben Liaoli

Meiguanyuan Riben Liaoli is a Japanese restaurant with Taiwanese vibe. The food portion is generous and the seafood is really fresh. It is a suitable place for friends gathering as the prices are affordable.

P & P Italian Restaurant

P & P Italian Restaurant is an Italian restaurant with rustic and American country style décor. The restaurant is famous for its pasta and pizzas. Besides that, the prices are cheap and affordable too.

Hai Wei Feng Seafood Restaurant

Hai Wei Feng Seafood Restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood. Try out the crabs, Thai omelettes

Dachelun Huoche Sushi

Established in 1976, Dachelun Huoche Sushi is a famous restaurant with delicious food and vintage atmosphere. Try out their delicious sashimi, nigiri and different types of sushi being made and presented creatively. However, the restaurant can be really crowded and noisy at times.

Shanghai Kangji Noodle

Shanghai Kangji Noodle is a small seafood restaurant and it is only open after 10PM. The restaurant is always packed and no one speaks English. Hence, you will experience a language barrier if you cannot speak and understand Mandarin. Try out their congee, fried squid, oysters and 3 cups dishes.

Fuzhou Shinli Daya Restaurant

Fuzhou Shinli Daya Restaurant is an old restaurant that has been around since 1946. You are recommended to try out their seafood rice, braised eel and oyster eggs cake.

Mei Guan Yuan

Mei Guan Yuan is a small Japanese restaurant that has been in operations since 1946. The prices are surprisingly inexpensive too. Try out their curry rice, mixed sashimi rice, tempura, miso soup, sea urchin rice and omelette rice.

Déjà vu Restaurant

Déjà vu Restaurant is a joint-venture between Liu Qian and Jay Chou. This restaurant features some of the personal collections of these two famous Taiwanese celebrities. You can find different things like batman mobile, antique piano, century old antique chairs and other European styled interior that will give you a déjà vu feeling. The appetizers start from New Taiwan Dollar 300 and the main course starts from New Taiwan Dollar 680.

A380 Airbus Theme restaurant

In this A380 Airbus Theme Restaurant, you will experience an airliner experience while you dine in the restaurant. You will be served by stewards or air stewardess dressed in uniform. Similarly to a real airline, you can also choose your seats based on First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. The dishes are mostly western and the average price is New Taiwan Dollar 300.

Hung Kan Restaurant

Hung Kan Restaurant is a famous 24-hours dim sum restaurant chain and they have a branch in Ximending area. This restaurant is located near to the Ximen subway station. Try out their baked creamy cheese cabbage, pan-fried turnip cake, fried spring roll, deep fried leek roll and steamed shrimp dumpling when you visit here. The prices may be a little expensive though according to some of the reviews.